My first blog as a Fuji photographer

I'm pretty new to all this blog stuff but I like to showcase my work to potential new brides and grooms so let's give it a go!

As you probably know by now, my name is Adam and I love to shoot people...... I mean photography! I am a Cheshire based wedding photographer and cover weddings locally as well as nationally.  

I've recently moved from full frame Canon cameras (for those who don't really know much about cameras, they are those massive cameras you see at football matches, papping celebs in the news or most photography events). Ive moved over to a new brand, a new adventure and hopefully a brand which can help me achieve the images I see in my mind before pressing the button.

My new cameras are part of the Fuji X series and called X-T1's. Or as I call them, "My Babies!" and my god are they fantastic! They're small, lightweight and most of all, very inconspicuous to guests at a wedding. I've said from the start that my style of photography is very candid and natural. I like to capture wedding as the go. None of this posing in all different positions and making you feel uncomfortable. I blend in, snapping away without knowing. I think that these images show true emotion and mean more when looking back on your day. 

I've started this blog to showcase each wedding I cover with a small amount of my favourite images. Kind of to show what you can expect from your wedding.

I hope you enjoy looking through each wedding as they are posted and if you need any advice, information or want to book your wedding photography with me, just press that hire me button and drop me a message.


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