Terms and Conditions of Wedding Agreement


1. We agree that Adam Joe Roberts Photography (“Adam”) will be our one and only wedding photographer on these terms. 

2. Once we have paid the deposit Adam will not make any other reservation for the time and date of our wedding. 

3. If our booking is cancelled by ourselves at any point, the date is changed or (heaven forbid) wedding cancelled the monies we have paid will not be refunded, unless Adam is able to fill that specific date with another wedding. 

4. If Adam Joe Roberts becomes unavailable for the wedding Adam will tell us and try (very hard) to find a suitable replacement. If that fails, Adam will refund ALL our payments and Adam’s responsibility and liability ends. 

5. We agree that Adam is the author and first owner of copyright in all photos taken by Adam on our wedding day. 

6. We have no rights or copyright to these photos without written permission from Adam Joe Roberts Photography (most photographers do this).

7. Adam asserts moral rights as author. Adam will provide us with copies of the (edited) digital photo files and grants us a licence to make prints and copies from these, but only for our personal use and we must not alter them in any way. 

8. A failure or delay on Adam’s part to exercise any right or remedy in relation to our actions will not operate as a waiver and Adam’s exercise of a right or remedy won’t prevent any other or further exercise of that or any other right or remedy. 

9. Adam keeps copies of the edited digital files, but it’s possible these may not be able to be provided later without cost (so we are responsible for backing up once we receive the files). 

10. Adam may use, or authorise the use of the photos (including our appearance, likeness and form) for any purpose, including in publications, advertising, websites, blogs, display or promotion at Adam’s discretion. 

11. We release Adam and any licensees and assignees from any claims and demands in connection with the photos or any derivative works or their future use. 

12. Adam’s (and Adam Joe Roberts Photography and any associates’) maximum aggregate liability under or in connection with this agreement whether arising in contract, negligence or otherwise is an amount equal to the total amount that has been paid by us under this agreement. This includes Adam’s maximum liability if Adam cannot provide photos for any reason. 

13. When our deposit is sent to Adam, the bride/groom promises that she/he has the authority to bind both the bride and groom to this agreement (so even though only one of us sends it, we both are binded by the agreement)