I am Story Teller

First off I am not a photographer who will come to your wedding for a few hours, snap away those group shots and then leave. If you are looking for a photographer like that then sorry I am not your man. Although if you need any advice or guidance on your photography choices give me a call. 

I will document your wedding from the first minute you get those wedding day butterflies, to the last sip of champagne and your guests are off to their taxi's.

I cover weddings mainly in the surrounding area's of Widnes in Cheshire where I live such as Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester and beyond. I also cover nationwide and destination weddings so don't be moving on just yet... 


Watch one of my stunning couples get married below.


I am down to earth, I like to get to know my brides and grooms before their wedding day so they feel more relaxed. The more relaxed you are the more emotion comes out in your images. I don't pose you all over the place, I don't get in your face, I like candid shots, photos where you forget I'm there, 90% of your photos you won't even know I'm taking them! The other 10% are photos you decide you don't want to miss out on, maybe those family members you rarely get to see.

I want to show your wedding in a way that is personal to you, like no other wedding. Any wedding can have posed images of all their guest stood in a line, but they cant show your very special friends and family enjoying your day together. I provide images that you can keep forever and relive whenever you like, full of emotion, feeling and personality and I do this by blending in to your day like one of you guests and get those images you never knew were taken. Your wedding photography needs to be as amazing as the rest of your day and I can help achieve that.

At the end of the day just remember if you book your day with me... I've got you covered!

Adam Joe.

Right, lets keep this simple!

Weddings involve stress, not necessarily for me but for you the bride andgroom. Part of me being your photographer I will give you an instant freebie, I can take some of that stress away from you for free. Yes completely free!

It will be to make your photography simple, fun and get that tick in the box so you can worry about something else, like will he turn up! Or I hope Grandma doesn't get on the brandy before the speeches!

Three yes/no questions, that's it!

1. Do you want a "Nearly Wed" or engagement photoshoot before your wedding day?

2 Do you want an wedding album?

3 Do you want me to be your wedding photographer?

Hopefully you choose yes, especially on the third question!

Straight down to business, whats included? 

Now hear me out on this one. I class my photography style as candid/documentary. I like to document your wedding as a whole so friends, families and even strange ex partners can look through your photos and see your story from start to finish, morning, noon and night. I don't just turn up put people in position, say cheese and go home.

It is my challenge at each wedding for the bride and groom to forget I am there. I like to capture images that show emotion, laughing, crying and deep in concentration.

Rachael and Chris

Stirk House, Clitheroe

Victoria and Gareth

Oak Tree of Peover, Cheshire

Laura and Tom

Crewe Hall, Cheshire

Laura and Kevin

Manley Mere, Cheshire

So straight down to business........again!

What I cover at your wedding.

I cover everything, from as early as you sit down and get your game face on with your bridesmaids, until after the first dance and your best man is strutting his stuff on the dance floor with power slides though the grooms legs! If it's a church wedding, small wedding, civil ceremony or even a trendy out there wedding somewhere crazy, which I have on my bucket list, drop me a message and tell me what your plans are. Even if you don't book with me just use me as a person to relieve some of your stress! I am a good listener, I think... All your "amazing" images are fully and professionally edited and given back on a stunning love heart memory stick fully blinged out ready for you to relive your perfect day in the comfort of your own home.

All day package includes -

  • Two, one hour consultations before your day
  • Constant help and advice before your day, on any part of your wedding whenever you need it, via phone call, email or additional meetings if you require
  • Coverage of your whole day including everything from bridal prep in the morning all the way until after the first dance in the evening
  • Instant polaroid prints at random points in your day for guests as I shoot a beautiful image of them
  • Sneak peek 5+ images the day after your wedding so you can be the first to broadcast to the world about your day with a stunning professionally edited image via social media
  • Personal and password protected online gallery of all your images for you and family/friends to view one month after your wedding day
  • Beautiful heart shaped memory stick with all your professionally edited images on in both high resolution and web friendly formats
  • A few special surprises along the way ;-)

Personalised Wedding Albums

Now I don't scrimp on your album, no cheap photo book or automatically generated albums. Beautiful Leather backed and fold level thick strong pages so you don't need to worry about little Jimmy bending them while friends and family fall in love with it, personally lettered in a number of fonts for you to choose if you wish and in a protective box to keep it safe. These albums are designed by three people, yourselves and myself. Probably the grooms mum too actually, they always have to have their say, well mine did!

You will receive your amazing photos back approximately four weeks or one calendar month after your wedding day, you choose your favourite 50 images, I keep out of this part as trust me it will be pretty difficult! Then I will design your first album with these images. We all take a look at what your album will look like. If you're happy, excited, can't control your emotions, we go to print. If not we change things around together until you’re both happy. Two weeks later....it's here!


"Nearly Wed" engagement shoot

These shoots tend to be called engagement shoots but if you're anything like me, my wife and I were engaged for around three years before we saved up the money to get married, so I thought best to rename them to "Nearly Wed”. If you've read this far down the page I guess you're in the process of planning your wedding.

First thing to cover, if you purchase a wedding album as part of your booking with me I'll throw this in for free. We arrange a date and location that suits. Not just because it's local and convenient but somewhere that means something to you. Your first date maybe, a memorable day out, the place he proposed (or her..) or even the place you first kissed, unless it’s in the back seat of his Fiesta in Tesco’s carpark, that's not very romantic in my eyes! All the images will be sent digitally to you and then added to the wedding images on your memory stick.

Whats Next???

Have a look at some of my previous happy couples on the past weddings page. If you like what you see then get in touch and we can have a chat about your day.

Drop me a message here for more information and prices for your wedding day photography. I'll be happy to arrange to chat over the phone or in person, we can go for a coffee to discuss your wedding day or if you fancy getting your nails done and having a kick about in the street you're more than welcome to take your chances at our home with my beautifully troubled children!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this, hopefully I have made your presumptions of wedding photography a little better and show how easy it can be.

Adam Joe.