Fuji X100F | Alphabet Challenge...

Alphabet Challenge...

Right, little side story to this.

When I first become interested in photography I saved up all the spare change I could find in my kids money boxes and bought an entry level DSLR. Later that year we went on our first family holiday together, a nice all inclusive family village in the South of Spain. As I had spent all my kids money on a camera it was easier than half board...

When at Manchester Airport I'd picked up the closest thing I could find to a photography magazine to keep me occupied on the flight over. In the magazine there was an article about photography challenges people had set themselves, one being "Letters in the wind" pretty self explanatory really, go out with your camera and try to find letters of the alphabet dotted around the streets or at an event that are created using anything BUT letters.

So. I decided to try this on our holiday during kids nap times and also wife nap times from too much sangria. It really did help me to try and look closer at things, compose my images more and most of all see things differently to other people/photographers.

Fast Forward 5 years and I have my very first destination wedding in Paphos, Cyprus. Being a family man I managed to work around the wedding and got us a family holiday for a week. Daddy slips off for a day and photographs a totally unbelievable an breathtaking wedding, then returns to enjoy the rest of the week with the family.

So, I try again. But this time I have my little Fuji X100F with me. No more nap times for the kids anymore but plenty of time while the wife is engrossed in basically the whole fiction AND no fiction section of books from Tesco! I get the kids involves as well, Olivia loves it already, she has a keen eye for photography, she spotted a few of these for me. Noah on the other hand, he isn't bothered in the slightest. He is more interested in how long he can hold his breath underwater before he turns blue!

Anyway, have a look, see if you can spot them yourself. I have put them in order to make it slightly easier.

I would highly recommend this to any keen photographer trying to learn composure or framing of images. It really does make you slow down, think of your shots and most of all enjoy what you can produce.