Fuji X100F Review | Every wedding photographer loves "new camera day!"

X100F | The invisible camera.

I recently purchased the Fujifilm X100F to use while spending time with my family. I already own two Fujifilm X-T2’s for my wedding photography work and seamed to always pop one in my bag while on days out with the wife and kids. Although the X-T2 is such an amazing camera and so much smaller than my previous DSLR I was always slightly worried that if I damaged the camera it would hinder my wedding work. Hence the reason for the X100F purchase.

Now let me tell you, within one day of owning the X100F, taking the standard new camera shots of the family pet, the next door neighbour, the flowers in the garden and popping to the park with the kids. I knew this camera was going to be coming with me to my next wedding, and possibly putting the X-T2’s back in my camera bag.

My first wedding, all set, X-T2’s on each hip, X100F on my wrist. I tend to keep a couple of extra lenses, instax, and flashes in my bag but this time I though lets see, keep the bag in the car and see how I do for the first hour. WOW! I don't think the X-T2’s had a look in. The X100F just blew me away. The size and shape of it was so discreet that the bride and her wedding party didn't even notice it. The leaf shutter was so quiet that never mind them, I didn't hear it! I really felt invisible which was great. I was able to get closer to the bride and her family than I ever had before, get right in the middle of the wedding like I was one of the guests. I shoot quite a few of my shots while the camera is at my chest but even bringing the camera to my eye the guests didn't acknowledge me at all, it was like I wasn't even there.

The X100F is also amazing at capturing shadows too. I know that the sensor is the same as what is found in the X-T2/XPro2 but I just seam to be able to see shadows better when using the X100F. I found myself looking more for those beams of light, or dark areas of rooms that would make the images come alive. All in all I found the X100F outstanding and now I find myself in the same situation as I started with before purchasing the camera. What do I take with me while I am out with the family?! 

To be honest I’ve sort of answered my own question, I cant go anywhere without the X100F. The portability, the ease of use, the discreetness of the camera is such an appealing factor for me. It has allowed me to try things that I wouldn't normally do, like street photography. I have learnt some great tips off some fabulous street photographers throughout the last year which I try and take into my wedding photography. But now I feel I have more confidence to even try it myself. On a recent day out in Edinburgh I took the X100F to see if I was any good at street photography, I loved it! Again for the same reasons as with my wedding work, I felt totally invisible. I walked the streets with the X100F on my wrist and not one person noticed that I had a camera, and an amazing camera at the least. Again allowing me to get that little bit closer than I would normally.

All in all I’m totally happy with the Fujifilm X100F and in the short space of time I have owned the camera I find myself growing as a photographer in the direction I have always wanted too. For the candid style, totally discrete photographers to the type of photographer who doesn't have as much confidence to approach people with a huge DSLR, this is the perfect camera. You will not be disappointed!

Adam Joe Roberts - Wedding Photographer

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