James and James Wedding | Victory Hall, Mobberley, Cheshire


James and James.

Mobberly victory hall same sex wedding photography

James and James,

Two of the most amazing gents I've ever had the pleasure to meet, add their four wonder pups and you have a collection of wonderfulness that is hard to match.

I met James and James by chance, their wedding plans stepped up a gear as it got closer to their day and a quick browse over my website they stumbled across my two Yorkshire Terriers Daisy and Dolly. I think they thought "if he can handle those two he may have a chance with our four! Also his photos ain't too bad!"

Roll the clock forward a few months to the wedding day. Starting at the family home we had a nice and partly relaxed groom prep, James downstairs crafting their button holes while the other James was upstairs prepping for the ceremony. Quick visit from mum and sis to calm the nerves and help the chaps out.


Lets get to the chapel!

We had a quick trip over to Altrincham Unitarian Chapel where James and James would tie the knot. The chapel looked wonderful and adding the very friendly and funny Reverend Danny made the ceremony that little more special. Dogs sprinting down the aisle followed by James and James was a perfect start to this very emotional and close ceremony shared with all of their close friends and family. It was a total privilege to be part of it. After the ceremony we prepared for the epic confetti shot, this one I can say I got completely covered, I think their guests aimed for me rather James and James!


Victory Hall

What a venue! I loved the feel of the place, different to your traditional wedding breakfast, guests were able to chat and have fun together, such a great set up at Victory Hall. Speeches by James and their best friends was followed by a help yourself buffet (which went down well...) and the party began! Now the singing may not have been the best but if you're judging James on how he gets the crowd going I would have to give him 10 out of 10! The wig.... not so much! HA! 

Traditional Scottish Ceili was next, choreographed by a great teacher! James had his work cut out trying to teach over 100 overly excited and intoxicated friends and family how to dance in time, while linking the person next to you, but like with James I'd have to give him 10/10 for effort! Their wedding celebrations continued on in to the night with everyone enjoying homemade wedding cake and endless amounts of power slides!



Thank you!

Thank you to both James', I loved your wedding, I love the fact you asked me to be such a big part of it. I wish you every success for the future and look forward to catching up soon!