Outdoor Wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn for Charlotte and Rob

Stunning wedding celebrations for Charlotte and Rob and the beautifully rustic Sandhole Oak Barn


Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Venue

I loved shooting Charlotte and Rob's wedding yesterday. The couple celebrated in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Sandhole Oak Barn, Cheshire. I was ecstatic to photograph my second wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn. It is a superb location in Cheshire and great for any type of wedding celebration. Thank you to all the staff for making me and all of the newly weds friends and family feel so welcome. I look forward to more wedding photography there. One of my favourite moments of the day was when I was capturing Charlotte arriving to her wedding ceremony at Sandhole Oak Barn in her dads arm, the emotions were running high and it was an honour to capture it. Afterwards we quickly went for a little walk around the grounds of Sandhole Oak Barn and was able to capture a few special moments for the newly weds.

Charlotte was delighted that finally, she could walk down the aisle to marry her soul mate. The ceremony celebrated at Sandhole Oak Barn was marvellous, the photographs I took of it definitely have a "love is in the air" vibe to them. It is truly an amazing job working as a wedding photographer in Cheshire. Charlotte and Rob interacted freely with their guest at the reception, the surrounding was wonderful and fun for all. I was still on the lookout to catch awesome moments on camera. 

Sandhole Oak Barn, Cheshire

All the guests were keen not to miss the speeches. Every speech is unique and I never get bored of shooting them. The day ended with Charlotte, Rob and their guests rocking the dance floor. Charlotte and Rob’s wedding was one of the loveliest weddings I had shot and I wish them heartfelt congratulations.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Adam Joe



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