The Shankly Hotel Liverpool Wedding for Emily and Mark

The Most Amazing City Centre Wedding for Emily and Mark at The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool


The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool City Centre Wedding Venue

I loved shooting Emily and Mark’s wedding yesterday. The couple celebrated at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool City Centre. I was ecstatic to photograph a wedding at The Shankly Hotel again. I have been lucky enough to capture two amazing weddings here now and with the Shankly Hotel being such a superb venue for any city centre wedding, I get excited to return every single time. I am already looking forward to the next special wedding I am to capture here. 

One of my favourite moments of the day was when I was capturing Emily entering the stunning Baby Eden ceremony room at The Shankly to meet her soon to be husband Mark. After spending the morning with a slightly… nervous Emily and her girls, I knew once she set eyes on Mark as she walks down the aisle with her dad she would feel instantly relaxed. With the unbelievable natural light entering the room from the large windows on each side, it was like a photographers dream. The photographs I took of it definitely have a "love is in the air" vibe to them. It is truly an amazing job working as a wedding photographer in Liverpool and the surrounding counties. 

Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Emily and Mark interacted freely with their guest at the reception. The surroundings were wonderful and there was such a fun for all feel to the afternoon. I was still on the lookout to catch awesome moments of everyone enjoying the magical wedding day with the stunning skyline of Liverpool City Centre surrounding the roof top of The Shankly Hotel.

I spent a few moments with Emily and Mark before and after their wedding breakfast to capture some portraits around the beautiful and breath taking Hotel. We took some really relaxed portraits of Emily and Mark while they spent a few moments alone to catch up and take in what a day it had been. There's some real advantages to getting married in Summer. It was a bright and sunny day, which was a blessing, and helped create some wonderful photographs. 

All the guests were keen not to miss the speeches. Every speech is unique and I never get bored of shooting them, especially when big ears made an appearance during Marks grooms speech! The day ended with Emily, Mark and their guests rocking the dance floor to their DJ.

Emily and Mark's wedding was one of the loveliest weddings I have shot and I wish them heartfelt congratulations.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Adam Joe

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